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With eCare farm management software, procedure and results data flow from animal to the user electronically.  It is current, accurate and organized the way you want.  The more you know, the faster you know it, the better it is.

eCare Summary

· Charts—Day, Month, and Teasing

· Scheduling—Mares, Procedures, Vets etc.

· Boarding module with default monthly charges

· Billing controlled by arrival/departure dates

· Split billing

· Custom invoice – letterhead or logo

· Accounts receivable

· Comprehensive client, horse, and procedure reporting

· Race results module – follow your babies

· Treatment templates

· Horse type & location sorting for scheduling

· Complete History view & printout to travel

· Optimized for TabletPC touch screen and hand writing capabilities

Why is it that you rarely find the word business in the same sentence with the word equine?


We do a lot for the love of our animals but at the same time it benefits them and us if we take “business” seriously.  We all know how quickly costs can mount up and we all know our memories are perhaps not as sharp as they once were.


Equine Career Management was developed to help you put some structure to the “business” responsibilities you face every day.  To do that we created a “template”, not a “package”.  We don’t ask you to fit your business to our design, rather we help you wrap eCare around your business, in fact few of our customers use it the same way.  What we have discovered about this business over the years is that basically everyone does pretty much the same thing completely differently.


Our customers are Breeding Farms, Training Centers, Racing Stables and Boarder Barns and they are all able to take eCare and mold it to their day-to-day operations.  The Breeding Farms need scheduling and Teasing Chart history with them in the barn; the Training Centers use eCare to plot the animals’ progress week after week; the Racing Stable wants to ensure that meds and equipment lists are available and accurate, and everyone needs to get the bills out on time.


Ask how eCare can help you.

Equine Career Management

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