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Building Lasting Software Solutions

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Perhaps the most accurate definition of who we are and what we do would be a developer of solutions for ‘The Road Warrior’, businessmen and women that do their jobs ‘on the road’ or in the barn.  That term is much broader now than it used to be.  Traditionally ‘on the road’ in an automation sense meant couriers, stocktaking delivery people, sales, meter readers, etc.  The prerequisite being the acquisition of data not the processing of data, merely the gathering of field data for centralized data processing.

So much has changed in the last few years, now a mobile professional can be a stock taker scanning shelf labels in a store, a stock broker evaluating portfolios from the 3rd tee, or a doctor reviewing a patient’s history at his or her bedside.  Wirelessly and in real-time, initializing and finalizing a procedure integral to their jobs and unconcerned with their geographical circumstances.  The key here is technology.  Wireless communications, cellular to some degree, WiFi (Internet), and Local Area Network (LAN) coupled with more computer power in your Pocket than was available just a few years ago on your desk.

What is missing are the applications to make use of this technology?  We develop the human interface to legacy (existing) software systems that enable the road warrior to do his or her job.  A necessity for big and small business alike.  Each is much like the other; the small business requirement from the field perspective is virtually identical to the large company ‘road warrior’.  The difference is what happens to the data and what technologies are involved.  Both are opportunities and what follows are examples of how we develop in these markets.

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