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Text Box: vetinform
Vetinform and vetinformLite are products designed by and for mobile Veterinarians.  These systems were built on the premise that mobile Vets need patient history with them ‘in the field’ the same way clinic-based Vets have ‘in the exam room’.  The difference of course is that these records must be convenient to carry and easy to use.  Both vetinform and vetinformLite were designed with this feature.

Application Software

Text Box: Equine Career Management
eCare was developed to help you put some structure to the “business” responsibilities you face every day.  To accommodate that requirement we created a “template” not a “package”.  We don’t ask you to fit your business to our design, rather we help you wrap eCare around your business.  What we have discovered about this business over the years is that basically everyone does pretty much the same thing completely differently.

Our customers are Breeding Farms, Training Centers, Racing Stables and Boarder Barns and they are all able to take eCare and mould it to their day to day operations.  The Breeder Farms need scheduling and Teasing chart history with them in the barn; the Training Centers use eCare to plot animals’ progress week after week; the Racing Stable wants to make sure all meds and equipment lists are available and accurate, and everyone needs to get the invoices out on time.
Text Box: eSales
Designed and developed for equine sale/auction  With over 10 years experience in the auction software industry, eSales offers a value driven sale/auction service which is a proven performer. Our parameter driven software can be tailored to meet your organization's specific requirements.

Custom Solutions

We work closely with you and your team to understand your unique requirements to develop systems based on your specific design requirements.

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